Giannis Antetokounmpo a more Complete Freak of Nature


After being crowned as the Most Valuable Player last season, Giannis felt last summer that there still room for improvement specially in his shooting. A sports analysis once said that if Giannis develop a 3 point treat he could be in the level of the likes of Lebron James and Kevin Durant. After a sorry loss to the Eastern Conference Finals to the Toronto Raptors and the disappointment in the last FIBA World Cup, Giannis worked on his shooting.

Source:Swish Daily

And now we starting to see a more scary Greek Freak

With the Bucks having a great team with the addition of West Matthews, Robin Lopez, Kyle Korver etc. without a doubt Bucks is the top favorite to win it all this year. The worked of Giannis is evident in latest game against the Indiana Pacer with 102-33 win, he burried 4 triples to closed the game.

If Giannis continue the shooting development he could be a back to back MVP plus a Finals Showdown with the Lakers of Clippers (This is just my wild prediction).